We are trying to be one of the most advanced factories in Middle East, using the state of art machinery and equipment, and we are certified from ASME In U, S and R Stamps. Our multi-plant production capabilities allow us to comfortably handle structural steel projects ranging in size from 5 to 500 tons. Beams and columns, bar joists or long span trusses, we have the equipment, the experience and the personnel necessary to efficiently fulfill all of the requirements of each customer's design documents and specifications.
Inshas Factory

  • Address:

    Piece 114 B Gamayet El-Mohandssen El-Arab, 17.5 Cairo Bilbies Road.

  • Area:

    21000 m2

  • Fabrication Capacity

    7000 ton/yr

  • Fabrication Equipment

    - AHS 30/30 mm Plate Bending Machine

    - CNC Flame Cutting Machine 3.000x12.000 Mm

    - Welding machines (automatic and half automatic and normal)

Quality Assurance Certificates

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